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I went to Dr Eric for help with some sciatica problems that were becoming a huge problem for me. He was very patient with my concerns, asked a number of questions to make sure he understood exactly what I was feeling, and then explained the reasons for the pain. As he worked on the problem areas it was obvious he knew exactly what he was doing, and he was responsive to my concerns. And after the treatment he gave me some exercises. Again, he explained why they would benefit me, and had me do them while he watched to make sure I truly understood them. The results of this one session were remarkable. Within a day or so I was completely pain-free, moving more easily than I had in quite some time, and the results lasted for months. I can't imagine a better result than what Dr Eric achieved, and I'm very grateful for his work. 
... Paul T (Writer)

Eric is a jewel.  You turn the jewel and it reveals so many facets of its preciousness.  After many years of getting body work that I thought was okay, I met Eric.  After working with him, I now have a renewed appreciation and deep curiosity about my body.  Eric embodies a deep intuition balanced with years of study and wisdom of the body.  He is  sensitive, funny, and bright, as he is warm and professional.  After one session, I referred everyone I know, and the ones who went to see him had the pleasure of working with this master body worker (body worker doesn't really capture it).  If you haven't worked with him yet, make an appointment! 
... Koshin P E (Co-Executive Director of the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care)  

Clinically thorough and professional, he brings extensive knowledge and experience of functional and applied anatomy to all aspects of rehabilitation.  For anyone striving to maximize underlying potential, I recommend his services highly and without reservation
... Ken MK PHD (Psychotherapist)

A while back, after any months of physical therapy, I had come to accept the arthritis in my hip as something to be controlled with medication and  ice.  That belief lasted  until Dr Eric worked on me.  In fact, I offered to write this testimonial because I have been so impressed.  I first met Dr Eric through his website out of desperation.  The arthritis in my hip became seriously inflamed when exercising and I was about to go on a guided trip to Peru that involved a lot of hiking.  At that moment, I was taking taxis for even short distances because the pain was so great, I didn't have time for the very slow process of physical therapy, so I took a chance.I have had a wide variety of body work in my many many years of growth and development and was able to recognize Dr Eric's skill from the beginning.  This was fortunate since it took a four sessions before I felt real relief and was able to hike the many steps and levels of ancient Peru without any pain.  When I learned that he was in part using Rolfing techniques that he was soon to be accredited in, I promised to be his first client.  While I had shied away from Rolfing in the past because of its reputation for being painful, the discomfort from his Rolfing was never any worse than the pain I was already receiving from the misuse of my body.   During the ten sessions, he did a major realignment in my posture and the way I walked.  I noticed many changes during the session, but I wasn't prepared for the change I noticed a few months afterwards.  I had learned to put ice on my hip the night after working out in the gym.   I would occasionally forget, but then I would be reminded by pain while walking in the day following.  On that day a few months after the Rolfing, I realized that I hadn't used ice the night before and my hip was great.  Not only that, but I realized that I hadn't used ice for at least a few weeks.  I was taking my pain free walking as normal.  I know that no one has found a way to remove years from your life, but this is the closest I know of to feeling 10 years younger.  
... Murray E (Consultant)

Eric’s deep knowledge and training and his particular deep-tissue techniques keep me functioning.  His work has increased the usefulness of my chronically impaired body regions (neck, low back, L knee) and have considerably reduced the pain and lack of function.  Eric’s commitment to what I consider “his craft” is unparalleled.  After years trying different therapies, I have found the perfect match for my needs. 
... Sally K (Published Author, Financial Consultant)Type your paragraph here.

I have seen Dr Eric twice. He is a nice guy, but more important are his brains and ability. My back has been giving me problems for years... (thanks to my motorcycle accidents, pins and plates in my ankle and a few blown discs). His treatments were unlike any that I had before -they were almost scientific. It was as though he had analyzed my "back problem" and was doing exactly what needed to be done to help heal it. Then he gave me some exercises to do to help strengthen my lower back. 
...Robert M (Social Worker)

Dr Eric is great!  He helped me with my shoulder problems. He knows his field very well.  I am so happy that I met him through my friends.  I lived with my problem for years and I am so excited that I start feeling much better and able to do movements which I was not able to do before. Thank you so much Dr Eric! 
... Daniela M  (Massage Therapist, Pro Volleyball Player - Czech Republic)

I found Dr Eric via his website and was very impressed by his certification and his years of experience.  I usually prefer to get a personal referral, but I was particularly interested in Muscle Activation Techniques certification. Dr Eric has an extraordinary grasp of anatomy - and was able, in our first session, to pinpoint the cause of my pain and injury.  He has helped me recover from two pinched nerves that were causing me intense pain and prescribed various exercises and postural changes that have helped keep my back and neck pain free.  I have referred many friends to him, all of whom are equally enthusiastic about their treatments. 
... Cathy K (Marketing Consultant)

Dr Eric is a miracle worker!  He was recommended by 2 friends who said, based on my complaints, that I couldn't live another day without seeing him.  I made an appointment immediately and within a week of my first session was already seeing results.  After a month, the numbness in my arm caused by a pinched nerve was completely gone as was the golf ball-sized knot in my shoulder.  I haven't felt this pain-free in years. 
... Hope G (Fashion Director)

Dr Eric Steibl, DC

Muscle Activation Techniques, Advanced Rolfer in Los Angeles


If you're serious about your health and well-being, this is the man to use. I have been to several practitioners that tried their best to 'rub away' a chronic injury. However, Dr Eric was the first to heal it. He was focused and very friendly; I knew almost immediately that this guy was in a different class than other therapists. The fact that he is a NY Licensed massage therapist and Chiropractor is proof of his competence and commitment. That said, his easy charm made my sessions with him very warm, comfortable, and relaxing. This is the one-stop, no-brainer for a truly unique resource and healer.
...Trammell W (Financial)