In full-time practice for over 25 years! 


Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles

4 yr degree
(Dec 2012 - DC degree, Summa Cum Laude, Valedictorian)

Physiology, B.Sc. (Mcgill University)

3 yr degree

Advanced RolfingTM

200 hrs

RolfingTM (aka Structural Integration)

            Info about Rolfing

700 hrs

MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques)

            Info about MAT

400 hrs

ART (Active Release Techniques)

            Info about ART

100 hrs

NMT (NeuroMuscular Therapy - Paul St John, Levels I-V) 

90 hrs

ART Recertification Courses

125 hrs

MAT Graduate "Foot Function Class"

24 hrs

Advanced RolfingTM Techniques (Liz Gaggini)

125 hrs

Structural Integration (Tom Myers)

14 hrs

Shoulder Injuries (Ben Benjamin, PHD Physical Therapy)

14 hrs

Swedish, Shiatsu, Medical Massage (Swedish Institute)

1000 hrs

Deep Tissue (James Hackett)

28 hrs

Sports Massage (James Hackett)

28 hrs

Trigger Point Therapy (James Hackett)

30 hrs

Foot Reflexology (Laura Norman Institute)

40 hrs


Possible insurance reimbursement, call for details.

The focus of my work is mostly for those in pain or with various injuries.  I specialize in:

Rotator Cuff


          Neck, Upper, and Lower Back issues

          Muscle spasms, tendinitis, pain, injuries

Bodywork Session Times 
(alone or with chiropractic)

60 min

call for rate

90 min

call for rate

120 min

call for rate

NB: Hands-on treatment is about 5-10 min less than session time

Rate Varies... ask for Details


 Mon - Thurs:

 11:30 am - 8 pm

 Fri - Sun: 

 11:30 am - 6pm


I have a busy practice of regular clients,
so please schedule your session at least a day in advance. 

 For an appt call: 
212-586-6149 mobile

 Cancellation Policy
 Full session fee is due with less than 24 hrs notice.

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Chiropractor, Advanced Rolfer, MAT, ART, NMT, Therapeutic Massage Therapist